excellence forever

Photographic documentation of artworks and culture.

excellence forever

Photographic documentation of artworks and culture.

Capturing the unique character of an art piece or live performance in a photographic image is always challenging.

Visual art pieces impress with colors, tones, shapes, and textures, blended in an expressive gesture of their creators. Every detail has to be noticed and captured in a photographic image so it can be experienced ever again.

Artistic performances captivate and hold the audience under their spell. Capturing these transient moments in an image requires photographic excellence, sensitivity, and an understanding of creative expression.

Specialized Photographic SERVICE

my expertise is photography.
Art is my passion.

My name is Krzysztof Zieliński. I am a professional event photographer with over 20 years of experience photographing arts and culture. I specialise in photographs that capture the qualities and nuances of artworks, exhibitions, and live artistic performances.

Technical competence

I hold BA and MA in photography (both analog and digital) with over 25 years of experience in professional photography & art.

Industry knowledge

I have experience working with artists, curators, galleries, event organizers, publishers, and significant cultural institutions.

Quality Guarantee

Apart from striving for the highest visual and technical quality, I follow the museum's recommended archival imaging standards. (FADGI & Metamorfoze.nl)

3 easy steps

to get highest quality photographs


Decide your requirements and needs.

If you need images of artwork or an event, fill out a form and get my availability and price offer.

Get the images you need.

When my offer suits you, we will arrange the shoot according to your conditions and requirements.


Enjoy endlessly.

You will benefit from the photos forever without extra costs because you will receive an unlimited usage licence.



As a professional event photographer, I have had the unique chance to work with inspiring artists, leading cultural institutions, and unique events.


on documenting and preserving contemporary cultural heritage


Do you work with institutions or individual artists only?

As a professional event photographer, I have been working with both institutions and individual artists. Contact me for advice on the best way to solve your unique challenge.

Do you only work in Berlin, or can you work in other locations?

I am based in Berlin, but I can offer services Europe-wide. For shootings outside of Berlin, please get in touch at least 3-4 weeks before. 

What kind of works of art do you photograph?

I professionally photograph paintings, drawings, prints, books, objects, sculptures, installations, site-specific works, and video installations. I also offer specialised performance art photography services.

Can you document site-specific (outdoor & indoor) exhibitions?

Yes, I have extensive experience in site-specific artwork photo documentation (both outdoor and indoor). Please contact me if you need more specific information or samples.

Do you have a services pricelist or day rate?

I do have a day rate; however, I usually provide clients with a personalised offer for their specific assignment to ensure they receive the best value and the right solution. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your project and how I can assist you.

Do you offer discounts?

While I don't provide price discounts, I am open to exploring other solutions that could work in your favour. For example, we could arrange a combined photo shoot for more than one artist, or I can set up flexible payment plans. Let me know if you would like to discuss such options further.

Why do you favor shooting in a client's space and not your professional studio?

I prefer to work in a client's location because it is usually much more convenient to transport my equipment to my client than transport works of art to my studio. It also allows for higher client comfort and artwork safety. However, every case is different and I am flexible. I can offer artwork photo documentation in any location, depending on the project's needs. Please contact me if you want me to provide more information or discuss your situation?

What if I have no space available to make a shooting.

If your available room is unsuitable for the photo shoot, we can arrange the shooting at my studio or another location of choice. However, before this happens, I need to assess in detail the handling and logistical challenges (quantity, size, weight, material, etc.) required to transport the works.

What copyrights are licensed to the clients, and how can the images be used?

Upon completion of payment, I grant unlimited copyrights to the client. All images can be used without ANY limitations (medium, period, territory, etc.) or additional payments. The rights are non-exclusive and non-transferable.

What files does the customer receive?

Customers receive every image as ready-to-use files in TIFF and JPEG formats; the files are fully processed according to museum imaging standards. Additionally, customers also receive unprocessed RAW files for archival and future reference purposes and future re-processing.

What is the Museum archival imaging standard?

Museum imaging standards like FADGI or Metamorfoze.nl are guidelines and best practices for digitising cultural heritage materials, such as artworks, photographs, and manuscripts. These standards ensure that the digitised images are high quality, accurate, and consistent and can be used for preservation, research, and educational purposes. FADGI stands for Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative, while Metamorfoze is a Dutch national programme for preserving paper-based heritage. Both standards provide detailed instructions on equipment, image resolution, colour management, file formats, and metadata. 

Can you photograph without making any disturbing sounds?

Yes, I can use an electronic shutter, which is 100% silent so it would not disturb sound performances or noise-sensitive events. This is particularly critical in live performances documentation and performance art photography.

Do you make video recordings too?

I specialise in still images but can offer you video service via our experienced and trusted partners.

What are the payment conditions?

Once we agree on the scope and price, I will send you a pro-forma invoice with a 50% upfront payment. I only undertake the shooting once the transfer is paid. On the delivery of the final files, I will provide you with an invoice, and then you must pay the remaining 50%. The copyrights transfer is effective only once full payment is completed. I could offer flexible payment plans (up to 12 monthly payments) via Paypal if you are interested. 

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes. If you cancel the shooting in less than 48 hours, I charge 50% of the agreed payment; if you postpone it to another date, I charge 20%.

Artists' opinions

Check my availability. Get price offer, together with technical and practical recommendations.

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